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Unparalleled Leadership and Sales Coaching to Drive Business Growth

Teaching You How to Reach Higher Standards

Coaching comes from the word "stagecoach", which was a vehicle used to transport people from one place to another. The meaning of coach is not much different — a good coach will help you develop your skills so that you go from success to success.

Most coaches today are actually managers who manage processes. Other coaches impart their life experience on how things were done during their time — not how it should be done today. At Del Ellis International, we find out what you want and help you get to where you want to go.

Leadership Coaching to Help You Find the Leader in You

When our coach, Del Ellis, evaluates the leaders and the team players, we see different points of view and challenges. Our leadership coaching focuses on teaching people how to lead and utilize the maximum potential of the people who work with them. 

The difference between a manager and a leader is that a leader inspires positive change, while a manager simply oversees the process. Our training will help you be a leader and a manager at the same time. We believe in the philosophy of RAVE — Respect, Appreciate, Value Everyone. Learn how to offer respect and appreciation to everyone who helps you achieve your goals.

Only 12% of people who leave their jobs do so for money, even though the company's management thinks otherwise. As a leader, your skills are essential to the productivity and happiness of your team. We'll teach you how to manage the people working with you in a way that inspires them to help reach the organization's goals.
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Sales Training to Set You Up for Success

The success of your company relies heavily on the creation and successful operation of your sales team. Whether you're creating or buying products and services for the team to sell, it must be done in a manner that guarantees success. If you accept no input from the people charged with selling your product, it should come as no surprise when they find it difficult to sell that product. 

In order to have a successful sale, it's important to follow these steps:

1. Build rapport
2. You have to qualify
3. Put together a presentation
4. Closing the sale 
5. Follow-up

If you're looking to improve the sales strategies of your business, reach out to Del Ellis today!
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